Welcome to the PINC Program info page! Maybe you scanned one of our QR codes on our flyers, or a friend told you about PINC, or maybe you accidentally found this page; in any case, welcome and here you will find all the information you need about joining the PINC program. 


  • Designed specifically for Life Science Majors w/no prior coding experience needed
  • Scholarship available (see below)
  • Intro classes, CSC 306 and 311 can be taken CR/NC
  • No application needed, begin the program by enrolling in CSC 306
  • Learn Computer Science skills with other BIO/CHEM students
  • Receive peer-mentor support from students who have gone through the program
  • Computer Loans available
  • No matter your emphasis, you will learn how to use code to conduct research specific to your field


What exactly is the PINC program?

What started as a single initiative for students to earn a Minor in Computing Applications (PINC Minor), has now grown into multiple programs that are collectively referred to as the PINC program. The following fall under the PINC umbrella:

  • PINC Minor - Officially known as the Computing Applications Minor
  • PINC Certificate - Officially known as the Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology Certificate
  • Genentech-PINC Scholarship
  • PINC Summer Program (PSP)

I have no coding experience; can I still join the PINC program?

Yes! The PINC curriculum is designed for life science majors with no prior experience. You will find that our intro class, CSC 306 is built with you in mind.

I am not a Bio, Chem, or BioChem major, can I still join the PINC program?

Yes, there is a pathway for you too! We have had students in other majors complete the PINC Minor and Certificate programs, but it is important to know that you will need some foundational Biology knowledge to succeed. Please contact PINC Program Manager, Michael Savvides (, with your questions.



PINC Minor Pathway

The Computing Applications Minor (also known as the PINC Minor) consists of a series of five Computer Science classes (15 units total) taken over 4 semesters. No prior computer science background needed - learn to code with other BIO/CHEM students. To join the program all you need to do is enroll in CSC 306.

Courses by Semester Offered
Course Units   Fall   Spring  Summer
CSC 306 3 ✔️ ✔️ ---
CSC 311 3 --- ✔️ ✔️
CSC 408 3 ✔️ --- ---
CSC 411 3 ✔️ --- ---
CSC 509 3 --- ✔️ ---
  15 total      


PINC Pathway Graphic

PINC Certificate Pathway

The Data Science & Machine Learning for Biotech Certificate (also called the PINC Certificate), offers a 12-unit pathway (taken over 2 semesters) to learn technical & professional skills needed to work in biotech. Students who are already pursuing the PINC Minor, only need to take 3 additional units (CSC 601 and 602).

Courses by Semester Offered
Course Units Fall Spring Summer
CSC 408 3 ✔️ --- ---
CSC 411 3 ✔️ --- ---
CSC 509 3 --- ✔️ ---
CSC 601 1 --- ✔️ ---
CSC 602 2 --- ✔️ ---
  12 total      


PINC Certificate Pathway Graphic

Genentech-PINC Scholars Program

We know that many students face hurdles when pursuing their higher education goals, notably the monetary costs associated with school and life in general. This is especially true for students in the San Francisco Bay Area. That is why the PINC Program, in partnership with the Genentech Foundation, established the GEN-PINC Scholarship. Students who are selected for the GEN-PINC Scholarship will receive $9,000 over four semesters to help alleviate some of their financial burdens. In addition to the monetary award, scholars benefit from professional development support, internship/career resources, as well as an academic support network. Applications open in April.