PINC Publications and Grant Awards


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Grant Awards

Grant award from Genentech Foundation, Sept 2020 Title: Gen-PINC Scholarships Program. This grant provides scholarships and mentor support to life sciences students who are pursuing the Computing Applications minor (aka PINC program) at SFSU. The underlying motivation is to increase racial/ethnic and gender diversity in the field of biotechnology.

Grant award from Genentech Inc., Aug 2020 Title: gSTAR-PINC: New Certificate Program “Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology”. The goal of this project is to co-design a new undergraduate certificate program “Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology” in collaboration with Genentech scientists. The new certificate program will provide well-trained and diverse workforce that can tackle some of the most pressing interdisciplinary problems of our times.

NSF IUSE: EHR. Oct 2018. Title: Building the diverse, multidisciplinary computer science workforce of the future with PINC 2.0. The project will provide participating students with learning experiences related to their majors, train computer science faculty in evidence-based science teaching methods, and invite students to share their knowledge with the K-12 community. To reduce stereotype threat and imposter syndrome, the project will employ a cohort-based structure that uses peer, faculty, and industry mentors to create a nurturing and supportive community of learners. The project will identify pedagogies that promote students' interest in computer/data science and their motivation to use it in their majors.

PINC Program funded by Technology Pathways Initiative (TPI), Jan 2016. Title: Improving Diversity in Computing Industry; Attracting Female Biology Students to Computer Science.