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•   The Computing Applications Minor (also known as the PINC Minor) consists of a series of five Computer Science classes (15 units total) taken over four semesters. No prior computer science background needed. Now, the first 2 courses (CS306 and CS219) can be taken as CR/NC towards the degree requirement. More information can be found here.

•   The Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology Certificate Program (also called the gSTAR Program), offers students a 12-unit pathway (taken over two semesters) to learn technical and professional skills needed to work in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Students who are already pursuing the PINC Minor, only need to take 3 additional classes (each only 1 unit). Open to Undergraduate and Graduate students. More information can be found here 

•   The GEN-PINC Scholarship Program offers scholarships to eligible students who are pursuing the PINC Minor and/or the gSTAR Certificate. More information can be found here.

•   The PINC Summer Program offers an opportunity for students to learn coding and to apply it to a project of their choice. More information can be found here.

Welcome to the PINC Program!

PINC/gSTAR Fall '23 Classes

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