PINC Minor

Program Overview

PINC is designed as a program for biology and chemistry / biochemistry majors, and consists of 15 units of computer science coursework (five courses spread over four semesters) that will allow the students to earn a Minor in Computing Applications.

Pathway for BIOL and CHEM majors

SEMESTER 1 (3 units)

CSC 209: Introduction to Programming using Python (3 units)


CSC 306: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Programming (3 units)

*For 306, Credit/NC also meets the minor degree requirement.


SEMESTER 2 (3 units)

CSC 219: Data Structures for Data Science Application Development (3 units)

*For 219, Credit/NC also meets the minor degree requirement.


SEMESTER 3 (6 units)

CSC 308: Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Scientists (3 units)


CSC 508: Machine Learning and Data Science for Personalized Medicine (3 units)

*If you are getting the Data Science Certificate --> BIOL/CHEM 808 is taken in this semester as well (1 unit). Click on link for more information.


SEMESTER 4 (3 units)

CSC 509: Data Science and Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis (3 units)

If you are getting the Data Science Certificate --> CSC 601 (1 unit) and CSC602 (1 unit) are taken in this semester as well (1 unit). Click on link for more information.

PINC Minor


What's special about PINC?

  • Earn a minor in Computing Applications.
  • No prior computer science background needed.
  • You will learn computer science skills together with other biology / chemistry/ biochemistry majors.
  • You will learn computer science from computer science professors who are excited to teach non-CS majors.
  • You will receive mentoring from motivated computer science graduate students.
  • Receive opportunities to network with professionals working at the intersection of Biology/Chemistry and Computer Science.
  • Increase your chances on the job market or to get into graduate school.
  • You will receive a laptop (as a loan) for the four semesters you will be in the program.

Computing Applications Minor for non BIOL/CHEM majors

PINC minor path

Updating your transcript

Declaring the PINC Minor

Before you apply for graduation: Students can declare the Computing Applications Minor (aka PINC Minor) online via the SFSU Student Center. Step by step instructions can be found here.

It is highly recommended to declare the PINC minor prior to applying for graduation. Declaring the PINC minor prior to applying for graduation allows students to complete the process entirely online.

If you have already applied for graduation: Students may still declare the PINC minor but will not be able to do so online and will require a Petition to Change, Add, or Delete Undergraduate Minor form.

***this form is only for students who have already applied for graduation, if you have not applied for graduation, follow the steps in the link found in the above section***