GEN-PINC Scholarship

The application period for the 2022-2023 GEN-PINC has closed. However, you may still submit an application. In the event of an opening in the Spring semester, you may be considered.

Interested students can apply here: 2022-23 Gen-PINC Application

What is the GEN-PINC Scholarship?

In August of 2020, the Genentech Foundation has graciously awarded the PINC program a $580,750 grant that provides scholarship opportunities for students

This GEN-PINC grant will provide scholarships and mentor support to 10 PINC students starting the Fall of 2020. Selected students in the program will receive monetary and academic support as well as professional development instruction. 1st year GEN-PINC scholars receive $300/month and 2nd year scholars receive $700/month.

Through the GEN-PINC program, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with researchers from industries and other academic institutions such as Genentech, IBM, and Stanford. Through these projects, students will be able to strengthen their computational training, receive mentorships, and establish professional relationships in preparation for careers post-graduation.

Thank you to the PIs who submitted this grant (Anagha Kulkarni, Ilmi Yoon, and Pleuni Pennings) and Genentech for the generous award! 

Previous years scholars:

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

Harprince Pooni  Kamillah Felix  Erica Tate Aleyna Isik Jackie Valentino Phelan Glenn Destiny Medearis
Riya Maharjan Myco Torres Sergio Gonzalez Qianmei Yang Benjamin Lee Taylor Kan Kimi Lee
Abigail Lemus Annika Ponciano Nathnael Gebre Estefanos Kebebew Abdoul Abdillahi Juan Liang Liao Ivan Ramos





2022-23 Scholars' Stats

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2022-2023 GEN-PINC Scholar Spotlight



Being selected to receive this scholarship means a whole lot to me because as a full-time student I struggle to make ends meet sometimes so any sort of financial aid helps me pay for my tuition. Also, since I'll be staying longer in school to complete the courses for the PINC program, my FAFSA won't be enough in the future, so this scholarship definitely is a great help for me.


Myco Torres


Being selected for the Gen-PINC scholarship is a bit of a dream. I already enjoy coding and being rewarded with a scholarship to do something I like is the best possible scenario. I currently live in Vallejo, and it costs quite a bit of time and money to commute to SFSU. With the scholarship, I have a bit of freedom to be on campus and form connections with people in the careers I want to enter.



Receiving the Gen-PINC scholarship was some of the best news I'd heard all year. Being raised by a single mother and being a woman of color, a lot of opportunities don't always come my way and in the past, I've often been overlooked. I'd finally felt recognized, and I feel a sense of belonging



Through the PINC program I will train and apply my knowledge into my research and future career. By completing this program in my undergrad career, I will be more prepared for MD/PhD programs. I have already been asked in interviews if I know RedCap, how to code in R, so I know computers and programming are my future. I hope to create programs for high throughput biological research



I think my current coursework will introduce me to the data science field. I specialize in creating websites and mobile applications. I can already see from the first week of class that I will learn more about machine learning techniques. The majority of the time I work on back end developments, but after these lessons, I'll definitely advance in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.