GEN-PINC Scholarship

The application period for the 2024-25 GEN-PINC scholarship is now open, apply here: 2024-25 Gen-PINC Application

Priority application deadline is June 9th - applications received afterwards will still be reviewed and considered if space permits.

What is the GEN-PINC Scholarship?

In August of 2020, the Genentech Foundation has graciously awarded the PINC program a $580,750 grant that provides scholarship opportunities for students

This GEN-PINC grant will provide scholarships and mentor support to 10 PINC students starting the Fall of 2020. Selected students in the program will receive monetary and academic support as well as professional development instruction. 1st year GEN-PINC scholars receive $300/month and 2nd year scholars receive $700/month.

Through the GEN-PINC program, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with researchers from industries and other academic institutions such as Genentech, IBM, and Stanford. Through these projects, students will be able to strengthen their computational training, receive mentorships, and establish professional relationships in preparation for careers post-graduation.

Thank you to the PIs who submitted this grant (Anagha Kulkarni, Ilmi Yoon, and Pleuni Pennings) and Genentech for the generous award! 

Previous years scholars:

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients

Myco Torres Benjamin Lee Taylor Kan Kimi Lee Abigail Lemus Brennan Withers Steven Jue
Iris Cruz Abdarrahman Ayyaz William Kennedy-Moore Pierre Harbin Aidan Bayer-Calvert Oscar Rodriguez Galilee Samuels
Maureen Montes Kate Campos Ryan Flannery Allison Mata Ashley Raymond Gwenndolyn Campbell Maria Anjum
    Lupe Amigon   Emory Adleman    

2023-24 Gen-PINC Participants Snapshot

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2022-2023 GEN-PINC Scholar Spotlight

Gen-PINC Emory


I started my college career as a nursing major, then switched to public health, and now I'm in cell biology of course with data science now, and I think that this scholarship will not only work to motivate me to do well in my PINC courses, but also give me more of a reason to apply all I have learned in the past to data science.


Gen-PINC Maureen


I feel very honored being selected to receive the Gen-PINC scholarship. It is a significant source of motivation and provides a confidence boost. I hope to pursue a career in biotech where I believe there is a lot of emphasis on computational skills and I hope I can utilize the skills I have learned to contribute to something meaningful.

Gen-PINC Ashley


I am very thankful for the PINC program because I feel like I am on the right path. The program is designed with so much consideration of everyone's learning styles and goals. I already know 3 programming languages that I can apply to future professions. I plan on using computational skills in Biotech or research related jobs.

Gen-PINC Steven


I'm looking forward to receiving more computational training so that I can be more competitive when career searching. The recent growth of AI has shown that machine learning is increasingly valuable. I can see how having both a biology and computing background could be useful for many fields.

Gen-PINC Liam


This scholarship is an affirmation of the work that I have put in and support for the work I will continue to do. It is the first award I've received in college or high school, so it is also a big personal accomplishment. Also, through PINC I have become interested in possibly getting a master’s in biotechnology or pursuing biotech as a career.

Gen-PINC Pierre


Being a Gen-PINC awardee means more than receiving a scholarship. It means that I can be more confident; I should trust myself to take on life's challenges with my head held high. I plan on using the skills gained in the program to fill gaps in my knowledge related to gradient descent, data processing, and machine learning.

Gen-PINC Kate


The support from staff, professors, and peers is what inspired me to start the program and is what keeps me motivated to keep pursuing this field despite the fears I have about learning a completely new subject. With PINC's support, learning to code is possible and approachable.

Gen-PINC Aidan


This program I believe will help me in my pursuit of my educational and professional goals a lot. It is very nice to have a learning structure that puts you at the center and offers lots of support and helpful resources. I am also very excited about the classes required for this program and can't wait to see what I have learned by the end of the year.

Gen-PINC Maria


I am most looking forward to possible internships and making connections with those around me. I am huge on getting to know my peers and those I work with - everyone has a story, and I am interested in all of them. I want to know what path my peers are taking as Gen-PINC scholars, and how it is similar or different from mine.

Gen-PINC Lupe


The computational training is going to help me tremendously with my current research. I am in the Health Equity Research lab, mentoring under Dr. Samayoa. I am looking at endogenous salivary melatonin levels in rural Latina breast cancer survivors and I'm excited to understand how my research data is going to be applied.

Gen-PINC Gwenndolyn


The classes and practical skills the PINC program teach are helpful and have so many applications in our modern landscape, and the academic support that the program offers is looking to be an amazing resource. Feeling as if I have people invested in my success, both academically and personally, is really empowering.

Gen-PINC Brennan


Being part of the Gen-PINC program is an honor and support from this program will give me the support I need in order to feel confident coding and doing computational work. I want people like me to feel confident in themselves and their ability to do computing applications.

Gen-PINC Abdarrahman


Since I am a first generation born citizen, it does mean a lot for me and my family. Not only does the scholarship give me access to many resources but it allows me to further my knowledge and skills to be able to provide more value to the tech industry and through that, benefit my family.

Gen-PINC Oscar


I plan to attend Med School & one of the things they look for in an applicant is that they have research experience. Much of the research offered at SFSU relies on programming so by having a programming skillset, I can assure that I'm providing the best assistance to my lab coordinator without slowing down the project. 

Gen-PINC Allison


I’m grateful that my dedication to my career and willingness to expand my knowledge in new subjects is being recognized. I also feel immense pride in receiving this scholarship as I am a first-generation immigrant; it validates every sacrifice my family and I have endured moving into this country.

Gen-PINC Galilee


Being selected for the scholarship makes me feel confident that I will have the chance to work on projects in the biotechnology industry. I am excited about internship possibilities and to feel included. Also, having the financial support is a relief so I can afford to focus on my classes and do not have to work too many hours.

Gen-PINC Iris


One of my coworkers and peers told me about the scholarship and I thought I would benefit heavily from the program. On a personal level, it means a lot to me because it will help me and my family a whole lot financially. For my professional goals, obtaining this scholarship means that I am one step closer to where I need to be.

Gen-PINC Ryan


Receiving the Gen-PINC scholarship greatly eases my financial burden, as I previously relied on loans for my education. It not only provides financial relief but also reaffirms the value of hard work and dedication. This scholarship represents more than just funds; it's an endorsement of my academic and future aspirations.