Peer Mentorship

Peer mentorship is a big part of the PINC program at SFSU and we have a dedicated Mentor Trainer that meets with our peer mentors weekly for training on improving the mentor-mentee relationship and experience.

For each of our PINC courses, the PINC administration team selects peer mentors (typically PINC or/or Computer Science majors who have successfully passed the course) and pair them with PINC students. The peer mentors meet with the students on a weekly basis to help guide them and set them up for success in the respective PINC course.

Please check out our Peer Mentor Resources below that we have used in building our successful PINC Mentorship Program!

Interested students who want to become a PINC Mentor can apply here: FALL 2024 PINC MENTOR APPLICATION


Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain leadership skills and to learn how to effectively teach and communicate with others.

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Here are presentations that have been given to our PINC Mentors on various topics such as effective communication, power dynamics, etc.

We make it clear from the beginning what expectations are set for both the mentors and the mentees as part of the PINC Mentorship Program. Here are the signed agreements we include.

Here are examples of the schedules we have when hosting trainings for our PINC mentors.

Peer Mentoring